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A Very Dark Vision of Eden - 82%

Bloody_Hell, September 17th, 2010

After a long pause Virgin Steele return with a new record, something I had to download like the day it leaked out from Soulseek of a guy who knew a guy who saw DeFeis once, to find the album to be quite different to what we've remembered.

What I got was, different, yet again. Virgin Steele changed style for the sixth time, and this time it wasn't as amazingly jizztacular as the previous releases. The first thing that caught my ear was the production value sky-dropping a billion miles into a dark mush of sounds, on which I thought: „Allrighty, it's a dark something something of the mind, depicting the christian god as a immature child playing with ancient belief and knowledge like most humans do... in a very cretinous way“.

Then something struck me again... the speed metal riffs were almost gone. Now, I know change is good, but please do not forget you're metal, and we all want metal to be rifftastic and to fracture our bones while we laugh at the gods' faces riding into oblivion.

At the second run of the album, I realized the sound is still there, just buried under a lot of darkness and ugliness, and I realized it's still amazingly catchy, brutal and inspired. It's a step forwards, but not as strong as it used to be. I believe not all people will like this album, it's storyline is amazing, but musically it's far more progressive than the previous releases and Pursino seems to be a bit forgotten here overall.

What Virgin Steele offers to us this time is more of a story oriented release, concentrating on the suffering of Lilith, and the sheer stupidity of Adam and Eve. God is depicted as an envious entity who jerks off at controlling other creatures, and when Lilith – a symbol of the ancient religions refuses to join this cretin, he starts to torture her and in the end throws her into hell to be raped by Satan.

A cautionary tale, mostly about mankind being animalistic retards who can't tolerate anything other their own egos in this universe; You know, all of our history nicely described in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Regardless of it's flaws, this album is epic as epic can get, the songs are long and interesting from the start to the end, and keyboards are the main leading instrument this time around.

It's also a valid mention this album has probably the best choruses Virgin Steele has to offer, and also the best ballad Angel of Death, and while it isn't the best Virgin Steele has to offer, it surely beats everything before Marriage;

Then again it beats most of the crap we call music nowadays, and honestly if DeFeis decided to sing jingles for coco puffs, I'd still say it's amazing, since they can deliver it with sheer emotion and yet it doesn't feel cheesy at all; That's more than most can say they've accomplished.