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Power metal should be POWERFUL! - 90%

VirginSteele_Helstar, September 12th, 2012

It was the right call to release "Through Blood And Fire" as a single. Not only is it a hell of a tune, it strikes the perfect balance between catchy enough and brainy enough. And with just the right dose of epic atmosphere conjured too.

The "Invictus" album might be a bit one dimensional but if its main objectibve was to portray the aggressive, militaristic, barbaric and unconquerable side of Virgin Steele that thrives on sheer power, then it didn't do too shabby a job with "Through Blood And Fire".

This is Power metal in every sense of the term. Keyboards exist only to invigorate the militaristic texture of the song as laid down by the guitars. The main riff is insanely catchy, headbangable and downright ingenious. A melodic presence is maintained as well albeit distantly and David DeFeis seems to challenge Ralf Scheepers for the crown of ultimate vocal fury at the same time chorally soaring over himself. Taut and axciting from start to finsih, this along with the title track, are the emblematic songs for "Invictus" and generally one of the band's classier moves.