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All Steele Breaks Loose! - 96%

Bloody_Hell, September 17th, 2010

Drunken, tearful singing of a few fellows standing near a car being absolutely 100% socially awkward with each other can be detected often where I come from. It's usually just me and a few friends listening to Marriage of Heaven and Hell II, and unfortunately for the other people around, Emalaith just came to turn. In all due honesty, even if I were sober and at a fancy dinner, I'd still jump on the table and sing this song with tears in my eyes and pride in my voice.

Hell, it's goddamn metal we're talking about here, you can't be called gay or nostalgic, it's not opera that's playing is it now? No, it's Edward Pursino, the man who could use a guitar to kill off an invasion of retarded frogs just by playing one note. His sheer power would make Gene Hoglan rethink his career and go into fashion.

In due seriousness, Gene Hoglan is God and you can't touch him, other than that small fact everything else I said is true and no one can deny it, mostly due to the fact that I don't give a smelly damn.

Right. Virgin Steele's next album in the something-ology of their strike of Zeus' genius bolt into David DeFeis' left testicle is the continuation of the previous album as in Full Metal Jacket was the continuation of Batman. Regardless it still has a vague connection in it's subtle meaning of an union of opposites and here it does deliver fully.

Unlike it's predecessor Marriage Two is far more power metal and a giant grade more lively; It brings out that energy Marriage One didn't perhaps have, and indeed in this album there's more or a heroic theme including heroic deaths, innocent maidens, sword swinging and a fellow called Endiamon loving this Emalaith chick who keeps on getting into trouble with the gods and the poor fellow has to go through all the troubles to get to her again. It's quite similar to Mario and Princess Peach just with more murder and rape, and the atmosphere's far more grey than the given analogy.

So you wonder what's it about musically? It's much more evolved, far more energetic and the feeling of each song is much more diverse than any other Virgin Steele album. And that makes it a golden star and one of the best albums in history of heavy metal in my gentle opinion.

Can you truly deny Crown of Glory's epic opening, something that stretches far and wide up to House of Atreus and keeps on coming back completely unexpectedly and then suddenly 6 years later you're stunned by the sheer amount of awesome this band can squeeze out of David's... Left Testicle of Power?

The general down syndrome and Achilles' heel of most bands nowadays is the fact they try to be epic and long and whichever not and simply stumble all over themselves and create a smoking piece of fecal excrement. Notably Iced Earth, most prog bands and newest Iron Maiden albums (I'd mention more, but you get my point); What those bands should do is listen to songs like Prometheus the Fallen one, Emalaith or Crown of Glory and realize they've been doing everything WRONG.

And Virgin Steele did it right.