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The beginning indeed... - 92%

Cup_Of_Tea, November 18th, 2005

Virgin Steele is one of those completely and criminally underrated bands, and of course are one of the best on the scene. Awesome epic power/heavy metal with great melodies, perfect songwriting and story, godly vocals and majestic solos are the essence of this band, and the world they bring on you is not describable.

The perfection starts with the first note on the first riff of the first song "I Will Come for You". One of my favorite songs by them, also one hell of a vocal performance by Defeis, the true mastermind behind all of this, and then there's Pursino, who cannot be ignored - great riffing even better solos. This album and the next one have a biblical theme, and leave me impressed, from the Garden of Eden to Rome and after it leads us on a great journey through heaven and hell.
Weeping Of The Spirits is another highlight with that catchy chorus riff and yet again a great solo. Well... honestly all the solos are great on every Virgin Steele album, it's just that some are more magnificent than others. This is one of those, I suppose.

Blood & Gasoline would be the most melodic and pretty different song on the album, fits perfectly though especially the chorus.
Self Crucifixion starts the Jesus well known story of self sacrifice, and is definetly my favorite part on the album, Last Supper continues the story with the best chorus on the album, starts slowly, but builds up to an orgasm at the "but remember this forever I reign, forever I reign" part. Awesome song!

Trail Of Tears starts off slowly, but then at 2 minutes or so comes out of nowhere the best Virgin Steele riff ever! The ballad continues some time which leads to the amazing solo and the catchy last few sentences. Overall, a great song.
The Raven Song is the power metal song on the album, well executed, pretty different from the others, very cool though.

The best song on the album is definetly Forever I Will Roam. It does start a bit strange, but hooks you up pretty fast, and when the guitar kicks in, you simply know it's Virgin Steele we're talking about. "Shattered dreams a moments betrayal, forever will I roam, forever will I roam " - The best VS ballad EVER.

Blood Of The Saints and I Wake up Screaming are great rocking numbers on the album and can do no wrong, simple and effective.
Another ballad would include House of Dust, a worthy number, probably the worst on the album. Still good though.

Life Among the Ruins of course is a glorious epic number every heavy metal band should worship. Pure awesomeness!

This is about it... not the greatest review ever, but noone's perfect. To sum it up a bit, Virgin Steele is one of the best heavy metal acts ever and can proudly stand high with giants like WASP or Judas Priest or Metal Church.
Oh... and you're a fool if you think this band has anything to do with Manowar. Yes the vocals are simmilar at times, but that's about it, and besides Defeis has a stronger vocal performance than Adams, not to mention a great scream and falsetto.
This is probably my favorite Virgin Steele, but the best ones have yet to come.