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An Introduction To Awesomeness - 88%

Bloody_Hell, September 17th, 2010

I was recently reminded by a friend I should really start writing reviews for Metal Archives, due to my sheer awesomeness and large amount of free time. Now, I'm a realistic person, so of course this idea of his was absolutely not something I'd generally do, so fuck it I said, let's do it!

Where else to start but at the favorites. Virgin Steele was, still is, and will be the band of all the bands for me. It's been 6 years of it constantly caressing my eardrums, and I'm quite certain it will be doing that for another thousand. Putting my lameness on pause, I'd consider myself to be one of those rabid fanboys of this band, generally drooling all over the place whenever I hear David's voice loving me softly, or Edward's guitar raping my orifices with guitar solo upon guitar solo.

Gayness aside, I, like many more of my fellow humans find this album to be a beginning of an era for Virgin Steele. An era of originality, metal and mythology which started in the year 1995. and gently continues til today's date. Sure not everyone loved their latest album Visions of Eden, but what people fail to see is the sheer factor of diversity Virgin Steele have to offer; And unlike the general bland flavor of most bands copying most other bands who copied the bands before them, Virgin Steele takes upon the classic heavy/power metal recipe and tweaks it up a bit. A whole awesome bit.

Here we come to the Marriage of Diversity „Heaven and Hell“ which offer to us all mostly one simple thought, that be something I'd call „metal“. Not just metal mind you, metal with a story behind it, a deeper meaning and almost a transcendent value through the ages. In simple words Heaven and Hell fucken' rules; It's a simple combination of heavy metal, subtle keyboards, David Defeis and chemical X.

Now as I always love to point it out, I Will Come for You, other than harboring funny puns over it's name, can be a damn story for itself. We're not talking wankery beyond any kind of common sense Dream Theater has to offer, nor the deep poetic implications of bands like Sabbat (mind you I love Sabbat, but there's a point to this, trust me), no, this song has certain simplicity to offer, a story of an endless love and the sheer willpower for reunion of two lost souls over a world of hatred and pain.

It may sound a bit cheesy, but it's all about delivery and David delivers with his charming and flowing vocals; He seamlessly fuses power and emotion in one, creating what we fanboys would call „The Virgin Steele Sound“.

And therefore you're slammed with the purest of the pure heavy metal riffs in the medulla oblongata forcing you to wave your head and limbs, kicking and pushing, raping and pillaging all over the place just to remove the feeling. Halfway you realize you are not suffering from an utterly amazing brain tumor but instead have been suckered into the Steele music and congratulations, you've just gained a experience you'll never want to forget. Nor will you.

As far as the songs go themselves the album itself isn't too perfect, there's a few songs that are a bit under the Steele average, but if you asked me today to remove a song I don't really like much in the album, I'd have no idea which one to remove. They simply lodge themselves into your brain and stay there all seamlessly acting as they belonged there.

So in conclusion, this album is but a start of a mighty career, but it roars, kicks and breaks everything around itself, and even if there are some inherited flaws, or small bits of boredom, it's still an amazing story that shouldn't be dissected nor criticised. It's truly one of those albums that should be listened for what they are and that's of course a story full of emotion and opposites, without too much wankery and guitar fellatio.

A worthy mention would be "Life Among the Ruins" which is a redemptive song of sorts succesfully slaughtering the previous album with the same name which in all due respect to VS, was 100% cheese filled.