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Excellent, although slightly disappointing... - 82%

Sinner, December 23rd, 2002

Although the follow-up to the incredible "House Of Atreus" is still an excellent album in it's own rights - I can't help but feel just a tad dissapointed when comparing the two.

It just seems that this time - Defeis has gone overboard just a bit too much, resulting in an record which certainly houses more than a handfull of good songs, but in the long run - is probably just a tad too long and occasionally boring (his recycling of already used themes musically really begins to drag on a bit here) - just as a whole, the album is a lot less coherent than "House..." or even the "Marriage..." trilogy.

Still there is a lot to be enjoyed on here - and tracks like "Wings Of Vengeance", "The Wine Of Violence", "A Token Of My Hatred", "Flames Of Thy Power", "When The Legends Die" and "Resurrection Day" still are excellent in their own right - but in the end it just seems to drag on a bit.

Still in its own rights it's a very decent album - there's not really a weak song on there - but somehow it doesn't feel as good as "Invictus" or "House...I" for example - well worth getting though but better in small doses than as a whole...