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The Peak of Power Metal - 100%

Bloody_Hell, September 17th, 2010

Yet another day passes and Virgin Steele goes over the fucking top again; The top being the edge of the Universe and Defeis cutting through his foes with his mighty sidekick Pursino wielding a sword of planetary proportions riding on a Unicorn with balls of steele all while satisfying 96 females with only his voice. You guessed it, Virgin Steele went beyond their limits and the limits of music itself.

„Surely you jest“ you must say, but this album speaks for itself. Riffs, emotion, melody, and more murder and rape inside an incestuous House of Greek fellows while following Orestes on his bloody murder spree only to get crushed like a bug by the Gods makes up for all the shit life drops on you. Give me an abandoned island with no water and this album and it'll provide the food and water for me; Hell, I'm surprised this CD doesn't mop the floors and wash the dishes for me, it's that amazing.

What we have here is essentially all the Virgin Steele styles in one, with accent on speed metal riffs and double pedal bass, keyboards and that silly little Defeis fellow delivering punishment upon our souls for not worshipping this band every single day for the rest of our lives.

Too much praise? Nay, too little of it! This album has it all, it's the Spirit of Steele incorporated, it's the reason metal fucking owns every single genre in the world, and it's the reason why David Defeis should be crowned God of the universe. It's aggressive, well produced, every song offers us brain defiling amounts of metal and it simply cannot be denied as the pinnacle of power metal.

This is the be all and end all power metal release. This is what defines the genre, shapes it and makes it what it is. You can say it might be so, but only for the USA, surely, Europe has a completely own style of play.

Yes, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Scanner, Iron Savior, they've all done their own to the history of metal, and while respecting that I can freely say they shiver before the might and giant which is called Virgin Steele.
When you simply have a band that transcends it's own music 5 times in a row for 5 years, you have THE band of all time.

And that's why this long praise book of a cheesy review is just 10% of what Virgin Steele deserves; Buy it, listen to it, read the lyrics, not a single band will deliver what Virgin Steele does, you WILL feel enriched after listening to them and I recommend them as the best band in history.

They've taken all the best elements from heavy metal and combined them into a fucking art form.