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Virgin Steele's hour of glory... - 94%

Sinner, December 23rd, 2002

Without a doubt Virgin Steel's finest moment so far - no matter on how good the previous set of albums where - all gets topped once again by Defeis's most ambitious project / concept so far - a stroy (spread out over three discs, starting with part I, ending in the double disc part II) about the Trojan War.

Everything on this album just fall in place perfectly, be it the excellent songs or the small instrumental interludes. But be warned, basically this album has to be experienced as a whole - although most "long" songs can be experienced seperate as well - it's not untill you can listen to the entire picture that "House..." shows its magic.

Personal classic moments are the amazing opener "Kingdom Of The Fearless" (brilliant !!), the all-shattering "Flames Of The Black Star", "Great Sword Of Flame" and Vs's best ballad ever "Gate Of Kings" (which has somewhat of a Manowar ring to it).

Excellent and once again shows that by now, Virgin Steele is a force to be reckoned with....