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Don't you hate... - 99%

Cup_Of_Tea, December 24th, 2005

...when you cannot decide which album from a band is your favorite album ever? I was thinking of it quite a lot, and I've come to a conclusion that I gave too many high rates to albums I reviewed. But I regret nothing, and when writing about Virgin Steele only thoughts of glory and magnificence come to me. I worship this band more than any other metal band, not because they're the greatest, the most complicated, the truest or whatever, it's because their music simply inspires me. I won't bring out anything new here, I said enough of the last 3 reviews.
The thing is though, this album is pure emotion, it radiates with power, sadness, magic unseen. There aren't many albums like this around, actually there is no album like this one and while I didn't listen to it like I listened to Invictus, it's simply too goddamn amazing to be ignored.
This is the greatest power metal album ever. Period.

There is a big fat line between this album and Invictus, and I cannot say why. It feels different, the former was heavy metal, it was close to Manowar and WASP and Judas Priest, while being superior by many factors, and this one has nothing to do with them, it's like inserting Bach into 80's power metal and coming out with a masterpiece. Take The Watchman's Song for example, the parts after the narration, it's one of the most amazing things I ever heard and it explains the perfection of this release.

Then of course there's the Kingdom Of The Fearless, the greatest song I ever heard with it's amazing intro and of course Defeis. As you already know... this man is man no longer in my eyes - he's a god and such he shall stay.
As UltraBoris said, this album is no small thing, and should be listened all at once, it's a epic story 1 hour and 13 minutes long. No intro, no little piano piece is out of place here, it perfectly balanced and connected and every song here is crucial.
You just have to experience it for yourself so I won't continue with this review anymore, I'll just mention my favs.
Flames Of The Black Star comes in after The kingdom of the fearless for me, and it slowly builds up to a masterpiece, then there's And Hecate Smiled a great intro piece to the Child Of Desolation one of the greatest ballads ever made by man, and of course The Fire God and Agony and Shame introducing you to the Virgin Steele power metal riffing mania.

This is the greatest power metal album ever. Those who cannot enjoy it are sick, or simply retarded. Worship it, for that's the only thing you can do.