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In the year 1998, 1998... - 98%

Cup_Of_Tea, November 19th, 2005

"We are descendants of the Ancient Ones..." and we say, Virgin Steele is flawless...
This would be their nastiest album including blazing speed metal riffs, another allmighty vocal performance, double bass... oh yeah... double bass, glorious choruses, godly keyboard pieces, awesome solos, you know, the usual Virgin Steele material.
Oh yeah... the keyboards. Magnificent in every aspect, and a lot more combined together with the guitars. This would be the most Manowarish album here, just it's simply better than anything Manowar ever made, it's less tr00, and definetly more consistent.

The intro is quite good actually, it's more or less a 2 minute narration of things to come. But then it chops off your legs with Invictus. Listen to that riff dammit, listen to the falsetto too, and listen to the Manowarish riff done right. Worship that keyboard/guitar solo, then you listen to the amazing "Die, fall on your Sword, fall on your knees; Die like your Son nailed to his tree" chorus, and then dare to say this isn't the greatest heavy metal song of all time! God himself is the autor of here, and he's pretty proud of his work, and so is DeFeis, I'm sure.

Is it over? Hell no, Mind, Body, Spirit picks up where Invictus ended, and honestly, does the job very, very well. This is probably the only song where the rest of the song is simply better than the chorus, and the latter ain't nothing but great. Probably the best guitarwork can be found on here, especially the parts around the solo and the solo itself.
In The Arms Of The Death God is another pretty good intro to...Through Blood And Fire which starts with a jumpy keyboard piece followed by the guitar, and well... blows your brain in pieces afterwards. Great song, amazing songwriting, amazing chorus.

Sword Of The Gods is a little epic number. Needless to say it rules - it's simple, all songs over 7 minutes made by Virgin Steele are godly. This one sounds more a ballad, but has it's riffing charms, especially around around 1:30, and then around 6:12. Never get tired of this one.
Two little intro pieces follow, Vow Of Honour showing us how DeFeis can do the "holy shit" insane falsetto thing. And then Defiance follows. Another epic number, another winner, nothing much to add to that. Around 5:00 shows it's best glory moment, being yet another great song made by them. What can I say? This album is completely flawless, it's probably the best heavy metal album made. I can't help it.
Dust From The Burning is a more straightforward rocker, nothing fancy, simply well executed. Followed by A Whisper Of Death bring us a more epic heavy metal aspect simmilar to the previous song, and in my opinion a simple intro to the last 3 songs.
Dominion Day is the first of the 3 masterpieces. Half ballad half ballcrusher, stands as one of my favs by them. A Shadow Of Fear is pretty different than the rest, has a dark, nostalgic feeling to it. Brilliant vocal performance by DeFeis here.

And in the end... We came, We saw, We counqered you all. Ok... this song simply says: Forget about anything else but Virgin Steele. They crowned themselves kings, and we didn't deny it.

Well... if you ask me, this is the best heavy metal album ever made. Together with WASP's Crimson Idol it stands strong on my TOP 5. Probably taking the place #2.
If you don't own this, you're nothing, if you can't appreciate it... you're better off dead. You can't get more epic, powerful or amazing than this.