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Rebellion in Steeleland - 93%

Bloody_Hell, September 17th, 2010

A few years after their abnormally awesome release Marriage of H&H Two, sir David and company decided that Virgin Steele shouldn't stick to just one particular style of music and should change their sound from a colorful 80's power metal style to a more modern heavy metal style often described as „Manowar heavy metal“. Telling you to stick a penis up your mouth would probably please all you Manowar fans, so I'll just say there is exactly ONE riff that sounds like it's made by Manowar and in this case it works well.

Manowar surely this album is not, not that Manowar's a bad band, mind you, they're just stuck so deeply up their own ass they can't be called a band anymore but a collection of musical fellatio upon their „tough“ image.

Ranting aside, Virgin Steele pushes their envelope further this time into a completely different, more dark and aggressive style of playing, surprisingly enough without losing any of their epic might and sheer awesomeness. This is the album where the little intros and instrumental pieces come by, there's also numbers of David simply going wild with his falsetto, but surprisingly enough it doesn't make you go „what the fuck“, rather it simply introduces softly another skullfucking number of destructive properties.

This is an album where you will not sing your favorite parts of the song out loud, or stand in a corner sulking at the sadness of it all, this is where Invictus will come by, fulminate your upper brain functions and make you bang as if up from the dead. And then some more. This is the album you play when you're ready to go on a murdering spree with a 2 meter long sword wearing black leather and spikes while stomping on kittens at the same time.

Invictus puts you into the boots of a pissed off Endiamon being sick of the rule of the gods who won't let him have his beloved Emalaith, and forever cursed with life on earth, he decides to lead humanity's revolt upon the Gods. Well, good luck I say!

After Invictus, it seems the gods and Endiamon bicker around a lot, while the rest of his crew goes around smashing fuck all, which works well for them by the end of the story. There's 10 songs here and some pretty good interludes, and let's just say 10 songs out of 10 are about complete and utter hatred and defilement of the Gods.

By Dust From The Burning you are beginning to wonder if there's anything gonna be left of the world when he's done with it, which translated to metal means there's 10 songs of sheer metal bowel raping and riff slaughtering and by song number 6 you're already bleeding out of all of your orifices.

A musical, lyrical and vocal metal fest is what you get in the end. There's tons of mankind's glory incorporated, there's not a single ballad included and it's one of the best albums Virgin Steele can deliver.

Defiance, Defiance, a God or a Man, I Challenge your Power, your Order, your Stand, I Fight for my People, my Home and my Land; Fighting is our Legacy on Earth!