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Shawn vs Shaun (the battle was not that good) - 73%

Verminswallower, January 13th, 2013

The announcement of this split made every Viral Load and Putrid Pile fans get really excited, wondering how could this battle be and (most important) who of them would be the best. Since I don't consider myself a band from neither Viral Load nor Putrid Pile, I checked this split to see who of them was victorious.

Reached the conclusion that this is a draw (and that Viral Load is no present in this split).

"Viral Load":
Okay, first we have Shawn Whitaker, known for his band Insidious Decrepancy, a band that uses extremely fast programmed double drum kicks, fast guitar riffs and gurgle growl vocals. Now, pick up this band, change his name to your other band (Viral Load in this case) and release a split under that name with another one man band. I mean, seriously, this is not Viral Load, whatever you hear here is not that band, it's Insidious Decrepancy disguised as Viral Load. But still, it's not that bad. their songs are good, starting from Dog Food Lube (which has an awesome breakdown in the first seconds of the song and probably the most normal drum machine), passing through the extremely fast Methlab Machete Massacre which has the most furious speed and riffing of his tracks in this split, and ending with the cover of Cod Piece Face, a good cover in my opinion. But (as most bands have a "but" part), I think it would have been better something more "Viral Load" in this split. The extremely fast speed of the drum machine, along with the guitar riff and vocals make you think you are listening to Insidious Decrepancy instead of Viral Load. Besides that, there's nothing wrong with this side of the split.

Putrid Pile
Second, we have Putrid Pile, made by a guy also named Shaun (no joke, in case you haven't heard of this bands yet). Putrid Pile differences from Viral Load in the composition of his songs. While Viral Load uses extremely fast guitars, machine-gun programmed drums and gurgle like growls, Putrid Pile puts more enfasis in the guitars, making them sound brutal and awesome at the same time, using a more "soft" drum machine and using deep guttural growls and high screams (sometimes combined) as vocals. If you think that "speed makes brutality", you are wrong. The Satisfying Dead is the proof that Putrid Pile can be brutal without breaking your guitar strings from the speed you are playing. Next track, A Fitting End is a return to most of the brutality that had in his first album Collection of Butchery, but at the same time mixing it with some melodious and slow parts. Final track Lifeless... Not Useless resemble his previous tracks in this split. Starts fast, the goes slow, then goes fast again, using a double vocal scream in the beginning of this track.

Overall, both bands have better releases than this split. If you're a die hard fan of both Viral Load and Putrid Pile, I'll supose you already own this split. If you're not, then hear it for yourself and reach your own conclusion. For me, it has potential, but could have been better.

Viral Load - Methlab Machete Massacre.
Putrid Pile - A Fitting End.

Viral Load/Putrid Pile - 20%

ThrashManiacAYD, December 28th, 2010

Next in the line-up of bands whom have seemingly forgotten what made metal special in the first place are American one-man acts Putrid Pile and Viral Load on this split EP of theirs. That being for why metal is great is it's humane touch and sense of depth and emotion, qualities entirely absent from drum machine blasted, gutturally gurgled blastathons like these. Think of such senseless ultra-brutal (or br00tal, for idiots) bands being the equivalent of those blinged up rudeboys who crawl down the high street while their pimpmobile's sub-woofer shakes every local buildings foundations - a total lack of substance being covered by debatable style, if you will.

VL provide "Dog Food Lube", "Methlab Machete Massacre" and "Cod Piece Face". All are as shit as the song titles. It would be hypocritical for one to decry manufactured pop music for simply rolling off the production line and then to glorify this equally cold slab of gurgling, chug-heavy Dying Fetus-esque riffs and triggered drums. A complete waste of my time. PP are mildly better in comparison with "A Fitting End" and "Lifeless…Not Useless" giving us a riff or two of mild interest blended besides brutal drum setting no.483 or something similar on their drum programming software. I hardly need say the remainder of PP's three songs offers nothing in the way of depth.

What is this point of this? I guess for the makers, purely the pleasure of releasing music for the world to hear. For listeners? God help me.

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