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Viral Load = machine gun for drums... but good - 100%

kd, March 25th, 2004

...Well, that's the best to the describe the blazingly fast drum machine employed the late Viral Load. Yes, this band kills your favorite band, and yes the are more technical.

I must start this review off by complimenting the well-played solos by the Shawn Whitaker (now of Insisidious Decrepancy). He outshreds a lot of guitarist. The solos don't sound random or sloppy, well thought out and they add a chaotic feeling to the songs. The riffs he plays are extremely heavy, typical-sounding Texas slams. Plenty of breakdowns to wet the average slam fan's plate. The vocals are guttural this time around, unlike the on Brutalized Beyond Belief where they are more "gang"-style.

I cannot stress the heaviness and groove of the riffs enough, this is just the base of Viral Load's sound. The groove is like, tumble weed slams. The riffs blow through dirt-covered small towns in south Texas, killing everyone in their path! Another good thing about this album is even though Viral Load used a drum machine, they didn't go overkill, like say, Fuck...I'm Dead or Necrophagist does at times. The tempos sound realistic, like if a live drummer was there... A very good final album, too bad Viral Load fell into the ranks of other late-90's, early-2000's brutal bands who released an album or two and a demo, then quit. Brutality ain't easy...