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Robot Brutality - 75%

Count Blargaroth, December 10th, 2013

This album is not for those who have a hate for programmed drums. Turn back now if that description fits you. The first thing that is really noticeable about this cd is the extremely robotic drums, especially the ear drum piercing snare blasts. People who have listened to Whittaker's material for Insidious Decrepancy probably are used to the drum programming. That being said, the production is much dryer than on his Insidious Decrepancy releases. I think the lack of bass really deters from making this a much better sounding album. The production is lacking compared to previous releases.

This album is heavy. Extremely heavy. Whittaker has the ability to make any riff into brutal slamming gold. Riffage is always extremely chunky, technical, and tighter than a latex clad fat man. I'd dare to say that Whittaker's family consists of serial killers that had sexual encounters with metronomes. His vocals only add to the brutal robotic orgy that is this album. He mostly switches between a medium range growl to an extremely low guttural belch, with an occasional higher pitched screech. The most notable just brutal as possible songs would be, "U-haul Full Of Dead Bodies," and "Cumstained Murderweapon." I would strongly recommend checking out those two songs, because without those songs that this album would be boring.

Parts of this album are just too monotonous! It's a fairly short album and I think he should have capitalized on this, but instead, there are a few riffs that just seem to be copy and pasted. Calling them motifs would be putting it nicely, but it just doesn't deserve that. One thing that I was really excited to hear was the cover of, "Inoculated Life," originally by Gorguts. I am a huge Gorguts fan, so I had very high expectations. It is honestly just a bland robots reproduction with Whittaker's vocals. It was a let down, but I'm a snooty Gorgut's fan, so this didn't detract much from the album. The outro was really just a letdown after such a brutal album. It was a clean and simple, sad sounding, bummer. I'm not sure what effect he meant to give his listeners with it.

Overall, it's a very heavy album that deserves a couple listens from brutal death metal and slam fans.