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Bedlam In Belgium, Part V: For Satan We Fight! (Inferno Awaits You) - 72%

CHAIRTHROWER, October 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Independent

The innocuously titled, six track "Demo" by Kortrijk, West Flanders' Violent Sin - independently released in May/December of 2018 on limited (to 66 copies) lowbrow cassette and (300) CD - reeled me in like a worm hooked carp at Lake De Karperhoeve, but only whence the coif parting third and fourth cuts, "Satanic Heretics" and the even crazier "Slaves of the Night" alighted my brainpan beyond ho-hum, generic openers "Violent Sin" proper and "Burned to the Ground", which, to my disused (i.e. rather tame and "traditional") ears, sounded like a rough sonic splat of crimson paint against a cockroach infested wall in the seediest SRO around - the corpse strewn Balmoral or haunted-as-shit Regent across Hastings Street Way (here, in Van, B.C.), perhaps?!

To be sure, the psychotically hemmed (in) and buzz-cut, raspy, scream n' caw laden, Slayer-ish titular opener simply came off as too linear and spastic, with not enough variation, be it by tempo or otherwise - but, to be fair, its ambulatory and super sharp finger-tapped solo made things a tad more interesting. Its crispy-as-grilled-to-black-toast successor tremolo'd me from here to where the poppies grow (RIP upon thousands and thousands), in tow with its incrementally winded power chords and fast, toothy like a shark drum prattle/whiplashing pre-solo bridge which selectively dropped the anchor on my foot...

But it's really said humdigs (up) above which shred my sonic taste buds like an out-board motor's riled up piston pumping. Thus, "Satanic Heretics" commences with an upbeat and chromatic, wash-cymbal fest of cranky turns prior to Gillian Van den Eynde's compelling, not to mention finally comprehensible, accent-tinged vox alongside formatively tackling touch n' go pirouettes, with cursory blast beats to (tactical) boot. Hell, the chorus broaches "nwothm" territory; hence, it comes as no surprise our esteemed, similarly named "filou" tube purveyor opted to grace his channel with the rising (from the grave) quintet's ripping fulminations/culminations!

Tumble down, cataleptic air-guitar fury ensues on 'Slaves of the Night", with a 3IOB evoking, tell-tale, Jay Hooper-like "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!" filling the un-void like so much amygdala flashing yawping, in addition to a siren serenade flashing its amber lights prior to more jig-some lead guitar moves, courtesy of ex-Semynar-er Robin Decock and grimly reaping cohort Frederic Gryffin (like the crypto-zoological lion-eagle from fantasy-filled days of yore). Regarding the energized battery, count on (ex-blackened thrasher) drum defiler Daan Dem, formerly of Hell Mentor/Corpus, and bass grumbler Machiel Kesteloot, to provide the lightning quick, ultra-rapid impetus for these tracks to sizzle and flare in a comparative manner as classic German speed metal, for which I'll abstain from proffering examples and/or name-dropping, lest I appear like a wannabe bandwagon-er who has nary a clue of what he's talking about - because, by and large, I don't!

I'm not much of a speed metal connoisseur/thrash-icist, nor particularly aim to be, but simply felt like picking something new and recent (at random) off our fore-mentioned f(r)iend. Granted, the last pair of ditties, "Nuns" (insert ribald suffix here), as well as "Strike From The Underground", leaves me neither hot or cold, as they, too, jumble themselves into so much stratospheric, machine-gun bursts of hyper-militant/active, genre-worthy legerdemain on which, again, it's preferable I abstain from commenting too much, or, for that matter, at all. Yeah, so, this off-the-cuff, off-shoot review is brimming with gimmicky turns of phrase et al - most possibly, that is, like the in-numerous, not-so-whimsical hooks herein my un-trained ear(s) fail(s) to glean. Regardless, I dare say, most speedsters will likely find a reasonable amount of pandemonium afloat, on Violent Sin's Demo(n), to satisfy their razor-honed palette.