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Hidden masterpiece - 95%

Nir_Beer, April 27th, 2007

"Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow" by Violent Force is sadly one of the most underrated german thrash metal albums. They sound a lot like Kreator in most of the songs, but this is not a rip-off band!

Starting with the production, wich could be better of course, but still is not annoying and you can hear every instrument relatively clear. It sounds a lot better than most of the other german thrash albums of those years. So the production is not a problem.

The whole album is actually solid, except the first song, "Dead City" wich is strongly motorhead-influenced. Not a bad song, but surely not the highlight of the album. It seems like a song from another band that was on the album by mistake! The rest of the album is surprisingly amazing. Lightning-speed aggressive riffs, some melodies/solos here and there (you can't claim it is a melodic album though! just the right ammount of melody to make the songs more rich), and a very agressive voice! You could say Lemmie's voice isn't such great on its own, but his vocals really fit into the songs, and (most important) are full of passion! You can really feel the hate inside him when he sings.

Generally it is one of the most aggressive albums in classic thrash metal, it deserves to be far more known than it is. Highlights : Soulbursting, Vengeance And Venom, Violent Force, and the ultimate thrash hymn Sign Of Evil. Essential for every true thrasher.