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There’s virtually no reason to get this. - 45%

Corimngul, February 22nd, 2005

The Kama Sutra teaches us that there are a great many ways to please a man. This is not one of them. Being generic, bad and not knowing what kind of thrash are some of the bad habits that Violent Force possesses. Might just as well be the reason this is their only distributed release. As Thamuz wrote, it’s inconsistent as well. The guitars sound German… However there are a lot more leads than we usually get. Riffs range from Kreator rip-offs to a mellower variant. They never get close to the melodious ones of Vendetta’s or the tense, vibrating power of Exodus’. But they tend to have a lot of the raw aggression of Kreator’s, just to drop all the feeling they carry and become indifferent tapping of strings that sure show some musical skill but no concentration when writing songs…

And guitars aren’t the sole inconsistent element either. The drums are at certain points played with a frantic fury that one just can’t deny. Then the drummer loses all inspiration as well and we get some bland, almost monotonous moments. The opening song, Dead City, is a great start, thoroughly influenced by Motorhead. The bass is great on this song too, with its distorted sound in the start and later leaps and rhythms. Then, unfortunately, all the Kreator worship is pumped in. Somehow the “Kreator part” is much less inspired, much less tight. It’s like they wrote the first song, thought it’d be great then starting to rip off their idols to fill up the rest of the space. Mistake. BIG mistake.

Then we have the vocals. Doing thrash vocals is a hard job and Violent Force’s own Lemmie obviously failed. He has the usual German accent and ok, it’s hard to do anything about I guess. Doing these pointless screams and yelling vocal lines faster than you can pronounce them is a bad idea though. He stumbles on his words, and well, he hasn’t got much of a voice either. A range that could be measured with a centimetre ruler isn’t much to brag with. He shouts his lines and as eager as he is to start shouting the next line, he increases the pitch, ending up sounding breathless rather than having an attitude.

What is there to say, really. There isn’t a solid thing about this album. Not even the production is solidly bad, it switches from decent to very bad, hiding away the guitars and vocals when you’d like to hear them the most. The production, the music, the entire album switches from raw to polished. From good to bad too. It’s just unbalanced and inconsistent. Pretty much another 80’s release to ignore.