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This is good thrash to me - 86%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 30th, 2008

In Germany in the 80s the thrash/speed metal bands arose like mushrooms everywhere. We all know the most important ones, but beside those ones, we must also mention other, almost unknown realities back in those days. The thrash metal virus contaminated almost every single band that wanted to play hard and fast. This Violent Force is a band that published just one album in their career, after several demos. The things were harder for them because probably they were not so lucky, but their strength brought them to achieve the goal of releasing a full-length.

Their style, as I said, is a fast thrash that more than once can be seen as speed too. The influences can come from abroad in terms of thrash metal, like Exodus and old Overkill but there’s something reminiscent of the german thrash/speed style and a band like Living Death. If the first track is on continue up tempo and fast bass drum parts, the following “Soulbursting” shows some melodies by the guitars but the violence remains high, as well as the speed. The up tempo parts are brutal and the guitars solos are simply adjoins of brutality through lots of tremolo pickings.

The vocals are raspy, with a strong German accent on them like it’s meant to be for a band like this. The sheer brutality of the riffs and the drums on “Vengeance and Venom” is reminiscent of early Pestilence too, with the schizophrenic patterns of early Kreator. The bass is always pounding behind the wall of sound created by the intense, always fast drumming and the relentless work by the guitars. Everything is getting faster and faster and we cannot chill out even for a second. “M.A.O.T.” welcomes us with a screamed refrain and always damn fast parts.

The production is not the best one because it’s old fashioned but I’ve always said that I liked this style and I’m here to confirm it once again. By the way, there’s not a lack of heaviness due to the production. The various thrash styles by this band are good and we can pass easily from the canonical speed/thrash, to a brutal one to return to normal thrash patterns. I think that the first mid-paced parts come with the beginning to “What About The Time After” where the band generally is calmed down for few minutes; then we return to speed. With “Sign of Evil” we return to the past where the thrash and speed line was thin and actually very good.

The title track is more bound to death/thrash again and “The Night” follows the same style with two minutes of at the speed of light solos, up tempo parts and crunchy, hyper fast riffs. Here can notice some more hardcore components like in old D.R.I. and Cryptic Slaughter. “Destructed Life” is thrasher is style again with some more mid-paced sections and a sad solo too by the middle! The final “S.D.I.” shows some galloping riffs by the beginning to be again on total speed going on. Overall, coming to the end of my review, this is a worthy album. It’s not the best you could find at the time but it’s remarkable for the way they mix several kinds of fast music and for the way they were angry…good work!