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Officers are dirtier than the criminals they chase - 80%

6CORPSE6GRINDER6, June 30th, 2017

This band was so important for the thrash metal revival, I'd even say it's one of the best ones of the movement. This debut EP isn't their best record but it shows a very well defined concept and attitude, they are all about the old school. At first glance you can hear 2 main influences: Brazilian thrash, super fast and aggressive like Sepultura and the American style like Vio-lence, with a hint of crossover. The vocal style is mid-ranged, not extremely raspy but not clean either; just spitting the words very fast and angry. Lyrically they follow the same tendency, rebellious and political, while leaving room for thrash praise.

The riffing is pretty solid, and the songwriting is dynamic, in an old school context. They repeat themes enough times to make them memorable but there are also interesting bridges everywhere and arrangements that keep the music intense. Generally, riffs are introduced by guitars, drums and bass at the first mark and count a couple of bars and then the whole band kicks in. There are mid tempo breaks too, but mostly they rely on the “tupa tupa” beat, which they play at fast tempos. Even if this isn't innovative at all, it definitely has some balls, which makes it relevant.

Production is OK, not world class but decent. There's a clear intention in the riffing and composition to be as old school as possible but the production doesn't sound that analog. Guitar distortions are sharp and heavy - they could be rawer but still have enough body to do the job. Bass guitar is present but gets lost in the mix at times, just following the guitar riffs. The sound of the drum kit isn't triggered, it sounds acoustic but I found them all little too compressed and flat. Not as natural as you would desire for an old school fashioned record. Overall I found this record pretty enjoyable, not mindblowing but a worthy listen for genre enthusiasts.