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maggotsoldier626, January 6th, 2011

Let me start off by saying this is a great release, in my opinion Violator’s best, not saying that I don’t love Chemical Assault or its crappy engineering, this is a big step away from what they have put out in the past. They really have shown progression on this release in every aspect but the vocals. The riffs are a little more complicated, the lyrics are a little more political, the drummer stepped it up a tad (mostly with fills and speed), and the bass is more audible. Plus the sound quality is very good and you get an Executer cover.

I felt that on this release they decided to go back to their roots with a political feel. They dropped the whole “thrash maniacs” ordeal and just played original, from the heart, thrash metal. Like I said before this was step in a different direction for Violator, and I think this was just what they needed. Every aspect of this album is great, the riffs are great (Apocalypse Engine has an awesome neck wrecking breakdowns), the drums fit in just right with some slight variation from song to song, you can hear the bass every now and again, and the lyrics couldn’t have gotten any more political, even for a Brazilian band, but I still can’t quite understand what the guy is saying.

Other than that minor mishap with the vocals, this was a solid release, from what I believe to be the best band to come out of Brazil. Even better than Sepultura, that’s right I said it, better than Sepultura. I highly recommend you check this one out if you haven’t already. It will not disappoint.

Best Tracks: Give Me Destruction or Give Me Death, Uniformity is Conformity, Apocalypse Engine Deadly Sadistic Experiments, and Futrephobia.