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Thrash! - 86%

dannycrs8, November 28th, 2012

Since the beginning Violator showed a lot of potential. After waiting four years for a new LP since Chemical Assault i hoped that the awaiting will be justified. I was right and i am glad that Violator did not disappoint in their mission to keep thrash metal alive and at full speed.

From the very start you will see that the band achieved a musical maturity in every way. The riffs are great, violent and angry, as thrash shall be and pretty similar to the ones on Chemical Assault. The vocals are good, far from excellent, but good and unique, the drums are the average thrash drums, unfortunately very predictable and kinda repetitive, with some highlights here and there, some aggressive blasts and fills and they keep the songs going and that's what matters.

My favorite part of this album are the lyrics. If you really try to understand them you will see how much this band has grown. No more "thrashing here and thrashing there", these are serious lyrics, about serious social and political themes. They are so real it hurts. Songs like "Poisoned by ignorance", "Futurephobia" or "Deadly Sadistic Experiments" are pretty intense and open your eyes about themes that today's society avoids. Some songs are opened or ended by movie passages that are perfectly matched with the themes and make you think about the problems that the songs refer to.

Musically, Violator evolved in a good way, but not very different from their previous releases. The progression of the songs is the same, the guitar solos are interesting, but not very memorable. The bass is barely audible, but you know it's there and it's doing a good job. The mixing is very good, much better than the other recordings and all of these mixed give you a very good thrash album. If you like long songs with many tempo changes you will be sad when you will realize that this is not a long album. It only has 7 songs (and one of them is an Executer cover), and the total playing time is about 25 minutes. Although it's a fast experience, it's a memorable one.

My honest opinion is that you should try Annihilation Process if you are a thrash enthusiast and you will not be disappointed. You will sure remember the energy of this band and even if it's not the best album out there, it's surely a memorable one. It's fast, it's full of anger, it's thrash!