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Vintersorg > Solens rötter > Reviews > TimFS
Vintersorg - Solens rötter

Immediately likable - 90%

TimFS, August 10th, 2007

It seems Vintersorg’s avant-garde period was a little lost on most people, lacking the hooks of early tunes like Till Fjälls. For this album he has revived the catchiness of that early era, but retaining the intricacy seen in his later efforts. The result is an album with little to no fillers, songs that grab your ears and say “no, you must listen!” and must be listened over and over to hear all the subtleties and intricacies. The chorus of Döpt I En Jökelsjö is full of emotion and conviction (even though I have not yet been able to find out what Döpt I En Jökelsjö is in English), one of the best ‘melodic’ moments in anything considered as metal that I’ve ever heard. Aside from the tedium of the last instrumental, the quality of the songs is excellent. What’s really interesting to hear is that the drums are programmed, which is impressive in terms of how realistic they sound, but sad in the fact that combined with the fact this album was mostly a two-man effort, I’d be surprised if even Asgeir Mickelson could keep up with them, meaning the songs being played live (even if Vintersorg continue to tour) might not be as likely as one would hope. As far as studio efforts go though, Mr. Hedlund is certainly on the right track.