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Vintersorg > Solens rötter > Reviews > Fear_Shining_Yrael
Vintersorg - Solens rötter

A Masterpiece - 100%

Fear_Shining_Yrael, April 29th, 2007

I have only been aware of Vintersorg for the past few months after hearing Solens Rötter.. and I now regret every second of my previously have not been aware of this divine vocalist's Progressive Viking Metal band.

Vintersorg provides some of the best vocals I have ever heard. His black metal rasps and growls are top notch, sure, but his clean singing voice is down right amazing. Powerful, harmonious and melodic. Divine, striking and beautiful. This guy has got some major talent. On this album in particular (as of my writing this review I haven't heard anything other than Solens Rötter and The Focusing Blur, the latter of which I have not sat down and fully analyzed) he switches back and forth between a light section of music with his beautiful singing voice, and heavier sections with the black, rasped growl and heavy cries. I suppose that in some aspects, his vocals are somewhat similar to Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, but, and I say this with no offense intended to Åkerfeldt who is a great vocalist and one of my favorites, a more much passionate and more palpable clean singing voice.

The music in itself is outright brilliant, also. Very melodic song structures littered throughout with heavy, blackish riffs and darker sections that contrast perfectly with Vintersorg's voice and the the other, lighter sections of the music. There are some odd time signatures and unique song structures that provide some atmosphere and ambiance, and I can honestly say I can't find a single flaw in the composition of this album. Andreas Hedlund is a master of his craft.