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I only wish it was longer - 90%

linkavitch, March 13th, 2009

Everything Vintersorg does on Hedniskhjärtad he does right, making this an excellent folk metal EP.

The atmosphere in this album is really great. Having the keyboards really helps make each song stand out due to the different way it’s used in every song. And the bold low growl vocals done by Vintersorg are great and help seal the epic sound of the music. Vintersorg also does these harsher parts that a lot of people consider to be much like black metal. I don’t consider them to make the album black metal because they’re not really demonic sounder, just more like some harsh vocals that might be hard to understand at times. Also track 2 has a female vocal part in the beginning of the track and it sounds great. Her voice is really smooth and calming, with the acoustic guitar behind her voice it helps set a peaceful mood.

The production is very clean, with a think guitar sound, and a bass part that is actually audible. The guitars are bold and the bass can be heard easily, it’s mostly rhythm based but you can hear it for the majority of the album. The guitars are heavy and are mainly used to help keep the song going, they’re not used as the main attraction in any of the work by Vintersorg.

The drums sound pretty good for a program. Occasionally they have that feel when you hear it you know its fake, the first track for example you can tell their fake in the beginning for only like five seconds though. Otherwise they sound realistic and are used nicely and have a nice flow with the music.

This is great folk metal from on of the best at making folk. Vintersorg may not be for everyone, the guitar work isn’t the main focus so that might annoy some people. Other than that however, this is an excellent folk EP with wonderful vocals and some great atmosphere.