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brutaljess, September 8th, 2005

This EP is a masterpiece, I mean, I have heard all the Vintersog´s albums (from “Till Fjälls” to “The focusing Blur”) and I have to say that this EP is above all of them, the voice, the keyboards, the classic guitars, I mean all of it.

The album begins with “Norrland”, a little acoustic guitar intro is presented and then powerful riffs with a wide deep clean voice. This track is really a great start. The next one is “Stilla”, some female vocals can be found here and the chorus is great, the next track “Norrskensdrömmar” is another great piece of involving Norwegian paganism, a great work with the music (this riff will stock in your head for several weeks).
“Hednaorden”: excellent Viking stuff man! (Oh! The voice of this guy is awesome in this track), the last track and my favorite is “Tussmörkret”. This track is what Vintersorg really was, a great musician. The raw voice is well used here along with the clean vocals, the chorus is the best in the EP.

From the beginning to the end, this release is the greatest Viking thing I ever heard in my own life, this is the best album of all, because at that time, lots of bands found their roots with it.

“Till falls” is almost comparable to this EP, and “Odemarkenson” is a great one too, but “Hedniskhjärtad” is (I think), the kind of album that you say: “hey!, that guy is different from all, he is Vintersorg”