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Tranquil bliss - 97%

ImTheMosaic, July 9th, 2006

Fans of the ingenious Vinterriket may be surprised by this album...

Indeed, "Winter realm" as his name suggests is a perfect description for these soundscapes.

Unlike his last album, "Der Letze..." there are no vocals present, harsh or otherwise. Rather, this is a tranquil journey into ambient soundscapes; lunar, soothing, a kind of blessing of Nature. Anyone who has a profound connection with Nature will immediately feel an intuitive pull to this album. It's fascinating that Vinterriket, while using strictly digital instruments--computers/synthesizers etc.--is able to capture a truly 'organic' sound. The undulations of this music are as subtle as the songs of winds themselves, or the crashing of waves against banks and cliffs.

It needn't be listened to in any linear sense. Tracks "1," "2," or "3" have no bearing on this album; rather than flowing sequentually, it simply drifts where it will. For instance, you could listen to track one, then five, then three, and it would blend together as perfectly as listening to 1-2-3-4 linearly. Like untouched Nature, there is no need for boundary or static categories.... it is simply the shifting soundscape of existence.

I think this is Vinterriket's most tranquil, heartfelt, and emotive album. It appeals to much more subtle aspects of the psyche than his earlier work. Like all genius, the layers within layers of this work could take decades to unravel.