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Electronic Worlds of Sound - 88%

PutridWind, October 17th, 2007

The title translates to: "Musical soundscapes of synthetic tone mastery"
And that's exactly what this album is. If you add the title to the band name Vinterriket, which means "Winter Realm”, you get a good understanding of what this cd is like. It consist of extremely cold synth melodies, and very sad atmospheres. Not for those whose favorite season is summer.

The Production
Simply perfect. The synths sound like they are covered in frost; they make you feel the cold that the music tries to convey. Excellent sound, there are numerous instruments used as well, droning low brass, multiple lead tones comprised of mixes of string sounds, and the signature droning cold strings that makes Vinterriket so awesome. The drums are very rare and have a very electronic techno-ish sound, making parts of this reminiscent of very dark EBM a la “Ice Ages”. Unlike some Vinterriket releases there are no guitars here/ If there were guitars, then I could say that they are very Burzumish, highly distorted, a wall of buzz. But this release contrary to Winterschatten and Finsternis is exclusively synth. Neither are there vocals.

The Music
I think I already said it. This stuff is cold. The title gives away that it is not one of his black Metal releases, but rather an electronic/synth journey through various almost trance inducing songs. It’s very soothing and relaxing, and while some may discredit it as simplistic and repetitive I think it is one of the best atmospheric synth albums that I own. If you want just droning chords like on the “Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit” release, then you will also find plenty here. In addition there is also a beautiful choir sound that is employed sparingly with a marvelous effect (See “Der Tod Woutans”). Melodies also occur quite often, all of them in minor keys and all quite melancholic. The music is pretty well suited to being described as “cold melancholic ambient”, best enjoyed during cold seasons and in a natural environment (like a forest). The one cover that is on here is “Der Tod Woutans” from Burzums second amient album and it is amazing. I’d say it’s better than the original, one of the saddest, simple, pieces of music I’ve heard in a while.

Recommended for fans of:
Paysage d’Hiver
Ice Ages
Uruk-Hai (Austria)
Forest Silence

Not for:
People who hate synths

NOTICE: This is band filed in Black Metal because Vinterriket has many black metal releases and because the music caters to black metal fans. The music on this cd is dark ambient.