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Another Great Release! - 95%

Oligarch, October 14th, 2004

It seems as though Vinterriket can do no wrong. Whether it is ambient or black metal, everything he records is phenomenal. This release contains only 2 songs, but I feel its a great representation of Vinterriket's black metal abilities. Both songs are in a very similar style to one another. The atmosphere reminds me of mid-era Burzum. Mainly due to his keyboard use. He knows exactly where to put the keyboard accents to create that haunting melancholic sound.
Vinterriket has always had a very interesting vocal sound as well. It is very distant in the mix, yet completely audible and powerful. With just a hint of distortion.
Structurally, the music is mid-tempo to slow-tempo with occasional pauses for pagan style keyboard interludes. I feel this is the style of black metal that experienced fans will eventually be drawn to when they grow tired of constant blast-beats and want to settle into some pure atmospheric evil.
If you have never heard Vinterriket, this is one of the better places to start (for his black metal anyways). I highly recommend picking this one up.