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Some of the Best riffs in black metal - 80%

TikrasTamsusNaktis, April 9th, 2012

This album has become a cult album in the black metal scene without a doubt and for good reason. The band comes together and releases one amazing album and then silence up until now. Apparently, they are working on new material. Regardless, back to the past.

This album starts off amazingly enough. It begins with a slow melancholic guitar pattern for 4 beats, then instantly a shriek comes out of nowhere that would scare the first time listener and the assault of cold riffs begins. This album has good variation between fast and mid-paced black metal to keep everyone entertained. The riffs are phenomenal at all times. I seriously think this album has some of the best riffs I have heard in black metal. Riffs that stand out are the ones in "A Castle so Crystal Clear", "As I Behold the Dying Sun", and "Wings of Sorrow." These are just my personal favorites and all the other songs are excellent as well. The riffs certainly are of a cold, icy feeling, but there is a certain majesty to them that can be especially noticed in the song "Vinterskogen." The drumming on this album is rapid and keeps up with the vicious riffs. They are mixed quite well with nothing to really complain about. Surprisingly, the bass is rather audible on this album, especially more so on some songs. The vocals are excellent. They are a perfect, very loud scream that certainly sounds like they are trying to overpower the sound of the blizzard that the riffs are creating.

This album is an excellent addition to any lover of riffs. Actually anyone, as you don't even have to be a fan of black metal. If you love great kick ass melodic riffs, this album has them. It has a ton of them. Go out, find this and stay grim.