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An EP that's redefined Deathcore for the better - 100%

TheRisenOne, November 8th, 2019

One thing to say about this EP: absolutely astonishing!! I never thought I'd see the day that Deathcore would begin to revert back to it's MySpace era sound, but my God did these guys do it right!!

The sound is very reminiscent of that lo-fi, 2006-esque sound that we've come to adore. The guitars are melodic yet insanely crushing and brutal, the vocals are some of the sludgiest, most disgusting gutturals and squeals ever, and the drums are insanely chaotic through and through. This band utilizes everything that modern Deathcore bands lack: Variety and creativity. There's not a trace of any shitty Downtempo or "Slamming Deathcore" present on this EP, just pure, Misericordiam-Postmortem Promises-esque goodness that will make you scream out "MAKE MYSPACE DEATHCORE GREAT AGAIN". The only other band that's utilizing this classical sound (as far as I'm aware) is Cogitations Of A Nihilist, whom these lads did a split with quite recently, and I recommend you check that out immediately.

The guitar work is absolutely phenomenal, with everything from breakdowns to melodic solos being the most prevelant here, and it's executed extremely well. When you hear the guitar work you can already feel yourself going back to the MySpace days.

The vocals present here are nothing short of brutal, chock full of pig squeals, low gutturals, hardcore-esque shouts a-la Waking The Cadaver and of course, high screams. The best part of the vocals is the fact that Lennon pulls off some Hip-Hop style rhythms that come very close to what Phil Bozeman did in the early days of Whitechapel.

The drums are incredibly chaotic and pound their way through each song, showing a lot of early Suicide SIlence and Misericordiam influences. Definitely one of the standouts on the EP.

Lyrically, Vinnytsia Fatalities isn't stereotypical like you'd expect. What I mean by this is, they have gore lyrics, but in a lot of cases they'll include themes of depression, heartbreak, even dominance and use gore lyrics as a metaphor, which I think is truly amazing.

We also have two guest spots on this EP, one being Niko of Left To Drown on the track Twelve Gauge Romance, and the other being Orion Stephenson of In Dying Arms on the track Guns & Knives.

If you're wanting to find a good Deathcore band from today that doesn't rely on SLOWWWWW FUCKING TEMPOS ON EVERY SONG or doesn't brand itself as Slam just to entertain the masses, then Vinnytsia Fatalties are an absolute go to as they have captured everything that made Deathcore absolutely fantastic back in the day and brought it into the modern world.