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Epic - 85%

Human666, September 23rd, 2011

One of the more outstanding guitar heroes that popped out in the 80's was Vinnie Moore.
People often refer to him as a Malmsteen's clone...well, they can go fuck monkeys.
Or zebras.

'Mind's Eye' is a superb album, probably one of the shredding albums I've played the most.
Malmsteen isn't the man who invented classical music, he also wasn't the first guitarist to
combine classical music with rock, so that stupid argument of Vinnie Moore being just a
Malmsteen clone is utterly dumb. 'Mind's Eye' is an emotive and aggressive shredfest with a
topnotch production and the very praiseworthy guest work of Tony MacAlpine with keyboards.

'In Control' open this album with a heavy riff and continues with some twinning lead guitars
and catchy themes. Then at 2:11 strikes in a jaw dropping synth solo of MacAlpine that
equals the lead guitars with it's complexity and velocity. 'Daydream' that comes later,
is probably one of the more recognised tracks of Moore. It's a midpaced track with
marvelous couple of lead guitars and some high quality melodic tunes. Then around the
third minute MacAlpine strikes again with another jaw dropping synth solo that sounds like it
came out of an alien ship that is about the explode the whole fucking world in three
seconds! Which leading us to 'Saved By A Miracles' that opens with a sharp clean guitars
section and then continues to some seriously epic guitar sequences plus an aggressive and
ego boosting drums solo of that naughty Tommy Aldridge!

This album just rocks from beginning till the end. The songs aren't outstandingly unique
from each other, but they are solid enough in their characters and have interesting
structures so they don't sounds too similar. Anyway, if you like good guitar solos and
catchy synths, get this album.

More than just shredding. - 98%

Degrading_Light, January 14th, 2006

This is one of the greatest guitar instrumental albums I have ever heard, before or since it's release, and I have heard quite a few. not only does Vinnie Moore prove he is one of the most gifted guitarists of our time, but he makes it work in true song form. some of his work on this album is truly breathtaking, and awe inspiring at the same time. Vinnie's band mates were well chosen to boot, adding the extra touch of greatness to this memorable performance. the drumming is truly superb,(Tommy Aldridge; including a drum solo in track 3 that is nothing short of greatness) as well as adept bass playing, (Andy West) and Tony Macalpine (a guitar virtuoso himself) on keyboards. take a listen, and be blown away....I was.
Vinnie had the misfortune to surface just after Yngwie, and was unfairly branded as an imitator, (He is more like Dimeola if anything.) Many claim he doesn't have his own unique style in his playing, but I find its not that he plays something new, but takes the style of many others and improves upon it. Check this out, and you'll see that this was a great injustice.