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Meltdown... Genius! - 100%

Tricephalos, June 17th, 2008

Where do I even start?

Vinnie Moore's Meltdown: my favorite instrumental rock album of all time. I've listened to Satriani, Vai, Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert. But this, by far, is the best I have ever heard. The album mixes fast shredding, slow paced phrasing, and terribly catchy rhythm sections with precision and elegance.

I had listened to a few covers of Vinnie's songs over YouTube and liked them a lot. So I thought I would do myself a favor and pick up one of his albums. I chose Meltdown. Never before have I made such a wise choice.

On Meltdown you are greeted with the opening song, Meltdown. This song brilliantly mixes a heavy, chugging rhythm with some sharp and outstanding shred work. Meltdown immediately grabs your attention with the first song and doesn't let go until the very end. The last song, Coming Home, is a fairly slow, mellow song. Coming Home is packed with emotion and feeling, even without lyrics I was able to understand exactly what Vinnie was saying through his music.

But that's odd, you say. The first song being terribly metal, then stretching at the end to a slow, mellow song. Isn't that quite a transition? Well sure it is, but the change doesn't catch you off guard. Throughout the tracks in between you are introduced to Vinnie's wide range of playing styles. From Ridin' High, a very crunchy rock style song, to Deep Sea, an almost atmospheric composition. By the time you reach the slower songs, you are completely tuned in to Vinnie's unique style, and you simply listen to the music.

This album is absolutely mind blowing, there's nothing like it. Almost every song has a catchy chorus, and verses that keep you waiting for the next mix up. I often times find myself looking through my media library contemplating what to listen to next, every time I have to stop myself from clicking on Meltdown, it's just that good.

If you have ears, get this. Now.