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"It's all about being bored shitless!" - 20%

Necroticism89, April 23rd, 2009

"It's all about quality!" state Vile, on their myspace profile. Not so. This song is a poor attempt to "expand" and "experiment" beyond a band's remit. This is barely "brutal death metal", as the MA profile states. This is practically industrial black metal. Seriously, those keyboards are annoying as fuck, and the soft spoken word vocals have been done before, as have the chants, both by Emperor, both by fucking Dimmu Borgir for fuck's sake.

The riffs on this song have all been heard before and the "experimentation" basically consists of some whooshy noises and some treated vocals. The problem with the industrial genre is that is just that, industrial. Pretty much all Industrial releases have the same cliche, and this is the same. Nothing on here is "fresh", "original" or even "new", apart from Vile's new direction down a cliche-filled road. What the fuck? This is Vile, not fucking Crionics. You're supposed to be shamelessly ripping off Cannibal Corpse, not Emperor! Vile were passably generic when they were just Death Metal, but this is just poor.

The vocals are passable, they do their job and do it alright, but they're nothing inspiring. The guitars, as mentioned before, are nothing new. The bass is not bad actually, but can only gain so many points for being the bass. The drums blast along with their double bass, but it does absolutely nothing for me. At all. They're not bad musicians, but by fuck are they boring.

Kudos for trying something new. Shame it was utterly shit and boring, then.