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A definite improvement - 50%

heavymetalrulez, April 6th, 2009

Now based on the review I gave Victory's debut album you would probably wonder why in the world I would want to listen to more of this band. Well, Victory seemed like a band with potential. And I guess I was proven right. Everything on this album is a major improvement over the self titled debut. Well, not quite. Victory has atrociously cheesy lyrics on their self titled album. They still haven't lost it quite yet. If you though Victory couldn't come up with cheesier song titles than Chicks on Display or Some Women Ain't Easy, you would be proven wrong. We get more cheese for song titles such as Arsonist of the Heart, Turn it Up, or Seven Days Without You Make One Weak. This makes me want to sigh. The lyrics are still sleazy and stereotypical and the song titles are still ridiculously stupid, but at least this time the songs are better.

I don't know how, but somehow in the span of one year Victory managed to drastically improve their song writing. Instead of the generic mid paced two or three power chords which dominated their last album, the songs on this album actually have more variety. And they are definitely more interesting than before. Just by itself the song Hit and Run is far better than anything that was on the last album. It's actually more rocking and metal instead of snore inducing. Ah but there is a catch to this whole improvement deal. This band still sounds like a glam AC/DC tribute band. This time they do better than last time, but as a whole while the songwriting is certainly improved, the riffs still sound like a more flowery AC/DC. This band just doesn't really have any power in their riffs. There's precious few riffs on this album that want to make you want to bang your head and act like an idiot on this album. And even if you did, you would probably think of AC/DC and then want to listen to them instead. Maybe I'm reviewing this album so you don't have to listen to it.

Another noticeable thing is that Charlie Huhn has considerably improved his voice. This time around it is at least more clear, and he has become better at hitting those high notes. This can be evidenced in Are You Ready, with its pretty catchy chorus. However the problem that still plagues Charlie Huhn is that he still sounds way to much like Brian Johnson. As if the quasi AC/DC riffs weren't enough to remind you of AC/DC, you get the bad imitation of Brian Johnson. If only Charlie Huhn could be more unique, maybe he wouldn't be quite so bad.

The guitars on this album are a definite step up. I wonder if replacing John Lockton with Herman Frank did it. Somehow however the guitar solos became much better, still not anything mind boggling but at least now they fit better with the songs and seem to work better. The other thing about the riffs on this album is that at least the songs are fairly discernible from one another, and while not very memorable, their are clear differences between some songs whereas on the last album they all just blended in like pieces of fruit made into a smoothie. At least this time they just keep the pieces of fruit separate. Sort of. The definite stand out track on this album though is definitely Running Wild. Funny thing is there is an excellent band named Running Wild that plays songs in this vein except far better. Anyway though this song is more like the sound Victory should aim for, a fun catchy, but actually good traditional headbanging metal song. I was going to give this album a 40 or so but this song gives me hope for Victory.

The drumming has also taken a small step forward. Particularity on Running Wild and Hit and Run. On Running Wild the drums actually sync noticeably well with the guitar riffs. And on Hit and Run you hear that above average drum intro. The problem though is that this guy doesn't have a lot variety. Whereas the patterns used work, it just isn't that exciting.

Well, this album is a definite step forward in the right direction for Victory, however this album really isn't really worth spending money on. The farthest I would go is to listen to these songs on youtube.