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Heavy, power, thrash...and fresh ! - 95%

Wally, October 10th, 2005

This is a very solid and powerful album, it is on the borderline of the strongest power/heavy metal and an elaborate thrash.The clear and forceful voice of Carl Albert (R.I.P.) leads the way and together with the technical guitar riffs of Geoff Thorpe and Mark McGhee make some melodic and easy to remember pieces of art .And I don't want to be unfair not to mention the mighty bass performance of Dave Starr and the rhythm machine perfectly operated by Larry Howe.
It is all present here, from the fast and furious songs, like "Abandoned", "You only live twice" or "Six stepsisters", continuing with mid-tempo (and with a certain progressive atmosphere) songs like "Children" and "Mastermind" and ending with a nice metal ballad like "When love comes down".
On the whole, listening to this album kind of reminds me of the early Metal Church albums...But I think it's only an impression because they definitely got their personal touch which you can feel on all their albums.