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A Small Victory - 79%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Vicious sums it all up for this seething ball of anger that is most appropriately named.

Getting things going with “Beast”, these guys immediately kick in with some thrashing riffs and rough bellows that are laden with sheer aggression. The melodic guitar breaks drop in well, accenting the otherwise brutal licks put forth by the group’s axe grinder. If you have a morbid taste in humor, you’ll get a laugh out of the intro for “Trigger Needs Some Action”.

A track driven by hyperblasts and helicopter style double kicks that amp up the tune’s forcefulness. A Metallica influenced melodic introduction kicks off “Dedicate” which quickly turns into a speedy thrashing overdriven by a flaming lead. On the speed metal stormer “Life Corrupted”, you will find the band navigating various twists and turns that ultimately result in a massive deathstar of relentless musical frenzy.

Vicious delivers a severe beatdown upon the skulls of power grooving wannabes on “Boots Of Led.” One part scratching vox filled with venom and equal parts of melodic riffery and crunching rhythms make this a track that’s sure to be a favorite live.

The only complaint here is that the mids are a tad buried, but other than that, you’ll find a nice cross between Hatesphere and Obituary here on “Vile, Viscious And Victorious” that is a commendable effort that’s worthy of your attention.