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Spanish metal when at it's best... - 88%

Metal_God, March 18th, 2004

I was anxious for this album. Could Vhäldemar really beat their debut album? So for a start, I had no big hopes for the record. Fight To The End had some killer songs, but the song-writing wasn't perfect.

So, when I first listened to I Made My Own Hell I was amazed. This was actually better than Fight To The End in every single way. Instrumentally the new album is better and they all handles their instruments quite good. The instrumental track, Mystery, is not a total show-off, but still very solid and one of the better songs on the record.

I was also surprised by Death Comes Tonight. Their debut and most of the songs on this one, is fast and/or hard melodic power metal. Even if the song isn't very fast, the melodies are still very much in Power Metal style. Death Comes Tonight is different. A raw and hard Heavy Metal track, which shows how great song-writers they really are. Amazed!

The two first tracks are nothing spectacular, but good songs nontheless. Then the real good songs comes. No Return - Steam-Roller - Old King's Vision (part II) and Mystery. Four great songs, which makes the whole record.

Well, this is a great record - it really is. Once again Arise Records has managed to release a hell of a record...