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Another great Polish act - 99%

GTog, December 23rd, 2006

Vesania – God the Lux

"Vesania" means "madness" or "insanity", and this album is insanely good.
“God the Lux” should be considered a landmark of Black Metal. It is a majestic accomplishment, and sits as one of the greatest Black/Death Metal albums I’ve ever heard.

The album itself is in three acts, divided by short instrumental parts at tracks 3 (Lumen Clamosum), 7 (Lumen Funestrum), and 10 (Lumen Coruscum). These titles roughly translate to “Noisy” or “Noise-Filled Light”, “Deadly Light”, and “Flashing” or “Flickering Light”.

‘Rest in Pain’ wastes no time, bursting right into the expected Black Metal blast beats. The electronic fuzz over the vocals makes an immediate mark on Vesania’s sound. ‘Posthuman Kind’ steadies the tempo of the album with a pulsing rhythm and more consistent keyboards supplying a dark ambiance.

After the first interlude, we are introduced to ‘God the Lux’, which could mean “God the Light”, or more likely “God, the Eye”. Shades of Sauron. This is a crunching and brutal track that clings slightly to the more melodic side of the opening tracks. ‘Synchroscheme’ and ‘Phosphorror’ continue this theme with thunderous double kicks and brooding keyboards.

Act 3, following ‘Lumen Coruscum’, dives into a more purely Black Metal sound, and reminds me of Behemoth more than anything previous on the album, but with the keyboards carrying the melody rather than guitar. Interesting side note, which I did not know until I began looking up some details for this review – bassist Tomasz Wróblewski (“Orion”) plays for Behemoth these days. So there you go.

The album finishes with ‘Inlustra Nigror’, which could mean “Clearing the Darkness”, “Lighting the Darkness”, or “Honoring the Darkness”. I guess pick your poison. Technically it should be "inlustro", not "inlustra", but they wouldn't be the first metal acts to misuse their Latin. Though listed as a 26 minute track, it’s actually mostly silence with just a short guitar/keyboard outro at the end.

There are albums containing song I like, there are albums that I enjoy in their entirety, and then there are albums that inspire me to research and track down everything the band has done. This is one of those. Fans of Black/Death is general, and especially fans of Behemoth, go get this album!

(They lost a point for the silence at the end, which is gimmicky and bugs me.)