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Vertherbral-Regeneration - 90%

Lord_araya, December 10th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Cassette, Qalaqas Black Art Productions (Limited edition)

The South American death metal scene have witnessed many old and new bands producing and releasing good quality materials to date. Verthebral is absolutely one of those enlisted, hailing from Ciudad del Esta, Paraguay.Formed in 2013, Verthebral released their first full length album "Regeneration" and the response are overwhelming.

"Regeneration" is an death metal album packed with true old school death metal elements combined with today's fresher ideas where both collided for good and the result is simply amazing.Intense and furious, Verthebral managed to balanced their own interpretation of musical direction together with their influences respectively.It's an album with lots of variety in terms of arrangement of their composition which went all out and crossed many obvious borders without regrets. Rough and heavy guitar works are to be heard with interesting licks and old USDM styled twisted solos just to name a few of the album's special features plus the little atmosphere added of this fantastic release.The bass player and the drummer worked their asses out really hard to maintain focused on producing the heavy sound incorporated in this album and overall their sound as a band is tight and consistently progressing."Regeneration is a technical album, not in a modern sense of course but there are times that it reminds me of Gorguts and a few pioneers of death metal from USA.Their vocalist really put an effort in his singing style with a growling and brutal tone to suit the music flow and the concept of this album.

Clocking at 43:27 of total playtime, Verthebral's "Regeneration" is an essential death metal release and worth all to way to check out. The quality of this release is way better than other death metal releases today. Get ready for some pure brutality South American style, make way for Verthebral!