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Sound and crush the old-school way - 90%

KornelKontros, March 1st, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Satanath Records (Limited edition)

This young death metal band and their debut album come from another exotic country as for me, which is Paraguay. Let's start with some background info. Verthebral has been established in 2013, but as a precursor to "Regeneration" the quartet unleashes a self-released EP in 2015 consisting of 5 songs and named as "Adultery of Soul". Since then the band's line-up is unchanged and combines from the relentless forces of Christian Rojas (bass & vocals), Daniel Larroza (guitar), Alberto Flores (guitar) and Gabriel Galeano (drums).

The album sets in with a short but mysterious intro, where some keys and lots of shooting can be heard. It follows "Place of Death" a typical death metal cut executed in the best traditions of the 90s. It has all the trademarks that mostly the Florida death metal movement used with a great enthusiasm. So the other compositions continue to rip and blaspheme your ears in that discerning formula. I kinda felt myself as a time traveler during over forty minutes. Even the sound production has the same vibes as the bands of the golden death metal era were used to have.

These guys from Ciudad del Este know really well how to make their songs sound and crush the old-school way! If you were grew up listening to such cult bands as Deicide, Monstrosity, Obituary, Death or Cancer, then don't hesitate to take a listen to the songs of "Regeneration". Recommended for all the true death metal die-hards around this rotten globe!

Originally published at the website of Encomium 'zine.