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Veritates - Silent War

Veritates - Silent War - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, October 26th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Doc Gator Records

Veritates is a pretty new band hailing from Germany, but make no mistake: We are talking about some professionals with enough of experience and abundance of passion for metal. Vocalist Andreas and guitar player Frank are also active in WarWolf, which is the continuation of the long running act Wolfen. They are joined by Marcus Kniep of Grave Digger fame as well as Tom Winter as second guitar player and Jörg Belstler. So based on who is involved one might get a pretty good idea of what to expect when throwing “Silent War”, the second full length by Veritates, into the player. They follow along the path of classic Teutonic metal, but the lads do not restrict themselves and deliver a very strong genre record.

Rooted in European and US power metal as well as in NWOBHM these gentlemen take some of the best elements that made several other bands famous a few decades ago. Of course you can come up with the argument that this idea is not particularly new, but Veritates have managed to put the best pieces of that style back together in such a great and fresh manner that most fans of traditional metal will not care about that argument. The riffs are sharp and perfectly executed, with the chord progressions making sure that the backbone of the songs always packs a nice punch. The rhythm and the lead guitars are perfectly harmonized, offering a perfect blend of straight rocking grooves and more melodic elements. Of course there are solo parts to be found as well, but those are never overdone hurting the flow of the music.

It would be fair to say that there’s a distinguishable classic metal feel, as well as a nod towards the thrash subgenre. We get ten tracks and a total running time of one hour, packed to the brim with glorious music. I have to give Veritates a lot of credit as there is no real filler material here. More or less each song has hooks and melodies which will get lodged in your brain. The energy is infectious, the joyful exuberance oozes from every pore and the whole record is a great deal of fun to listen to. Every track has a huge and memorable chorus that sits at its heart, starting off with opener “For my Thoughts”. This song provides great pace, almost frenetic as the riffs scythe, the lead guitar wails and the drums offer an irresistible groove. The commanding guitar lines are accompanied by the soaring vocals, peaking in the first of many hook-laden chorus parts. All the riffs are full of power and real bite, with the rhythm section propel the music with energy and powerful intent.

One of the biggest assets of Veritates has to be vocalist Andreas. His commanding and soaring delivery drives each single song forward, as the stomping chorus sections all feature a delicious vocal melody helping him to turn something good into something great. While putting full power into most sections he is also able to go for a smoother style when the music requires something a little more sensitive and melodic. Check out for example the nearly ten minutes long “Psychologist of the Dead”, which shows a lot of the strengths of the band.

The production is top notch with a crunchy guitar tone and the drums having enough punch. The mix is well-balanced and crystal clear, giving each instrument enough room to breathe. Nothing has been buried in the mix and you can identify each detail. It is pretty obvious that a lot of effort and passion has been put into “Silent War” and in case you are looking for a slice of catchy and delicious piece of classic heavy/power metal, look no further. Must-have for fans of this style and a promise for the future as I am sure we will get a lot more great stuff by Veritates.