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sloppy and monotonous - 59%

odradek, January 16th, 2007

This album approximates the Swedish metal stylings of Sacramentum and Dissection, but with a bit more tendency toward midpaced passages. There are definitely moments of inspiration, but every time a song shows promise of leading the listener into new and interesting directions, it subsequently proceeds to fall into a lifeless rut and putrefy rather than continue to develop.

Neither the drums nor the rhythm guitar are well played, and they seem to intermittently drift off time with each other. The ride cymbal has an especially irritating trebly sound, and the drummer's frequent use of it makes the slower passages all the more difficult to endure. The vocals on the other hand are well done, and I like how they are placed a bit low in the mix, giving them a dark and haunting quality.

This is neither groundbreaking nor particularly well executed music. It's not by any means terrible, but I think enough other bands have trod the same ground and done a better job of it, that I couldn't really recommend this album.