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They forgot to add the awesome...and the pirates - 35%

PainMiseryDeath, May 7th, 2007

Self proclaimed Pirate Metal band Verbal Deception give us almost 50 minutes of what is most certainly not Pirate Metal. First of all, Alestorm is pirate metal, these guys are not. Verbal Deception merely play monotonous style of melodic death, while their keyboardist occasionally plays folk influenced accordion passages. It doesn't sound like something a pirate would listen to, at all. It certainly doesn't conjour up images of pirates. Maybe they should try and listen to more running wild.

Mundane, boring, insipid, and uninspired, this band is anything but exciting. They don't even look like pirates. They are a novelty act that fail on every level. There is very little difference between the songs. The singer sounds like he is trying to rip off Haggard's growling vocalist Asis Nasseri, just without any variation. The guitars are ok, except it sounds like someone's guitar is out of tune during a guitar solo. Not very impressive. Sometimes Verbal Deception tries to sail off into a more progressive style, but it ends up as a shipwreck. Wait a minute...I may have just alluded to some pirate imagery, that must make this review Pirate Metal!!! Durr hurr!!!

I like to think of this band as Amon Amarth lite, singing about pirates instead of Vikings. It's Diet Amon Amarth with wimpy keyboards. Does that sound like something that would be awesome? No. This is not good metal. Even the name is misleading. Verbal Deception sounds like a punk band's name to me. It certainly doesn't bring pirates to mind.