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Long Live the Golden Age of Piracy - 95%

4everTortured, July 24th, 2008

It may not be accordians and loud deck-apes up the ass, and it certainly isn't just metal with pirate lyrics; no, my friends, this is a true case of pirate metal. Running Wild is consistenly labeled as the "founders of pirate metal", in being a metal band that sings of pirates. Alestorm is very well-known amongst the masses now as adding the actual pirate feel to the music that RW forgot to add. But Verbal Deception takes this another step foward, all without even even knowing of the aforemention bands existences (with the latter not even being formed yet). Verbal Deception has pirate lyrics, with pirate-influenced metal, with influences not found in the likes of Jack Sparrow or Hector Barbossa, but instead in the real buccaneers like Hendrick Lucifer and Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts. These guys add the pirate philosophy of freedom and individualism in both their lyrics and music. Alestorm's music is a reflection of "guys who like reading about and acting like pirates", while Verbal Deception takes the philosophy of "What if Calico Jack or Ned Lowe had guitars?"

The album starts with the the sounds of seagulls and a bandoneon playing in the distance, slowly getting louder as if a ship were approaching. Now the music changes tempo, instead of playing the "strolling along" sound as it was, it is now changed to a beat almost as to rile up a crew of some sort, to get it moving and prepared. Then, just as quickly and unexpectedly as the original assaults by the buccaneers, the guitar and keys play with such a valliant force that give the visual of a full broadside offensive against a caribbean city, along with the ferocity of rabid raiders storming the beach. Kresho Klarich also adds a vocal style very raspy, collected and confident, just as a powerful captain is to lead his crew. Instead of unleashing loud yells which may ruin his voice in the future, Kresho gives us vocals that are a key component to this different and "outside the box" style of performance that is prevalent throughout the album. Truly, this opening track gives us the picture of a real "Pirate Attack".

The rest of the album tells a story of the various adventures of this crew onboard the ship "Verbal Deception"; telling tales of ancient ruins, cursed treasure, hallucinations of an Egyptian beetle or a seductive gypsy theif, using music that may've been prevalent in the native countries that the crew had come from, or maybe influenced by the lands that had been visited. Pirates traveled, though maybe due to motivations of plundering booty, but they had become well-learned of the ways of the world, and told these stories in the various taverns that had been visited. Verbal Deception takes this philosophy and adds it to their style of performance.

This album is not for everyone, fans of Running Wild and Alestorm will not see too many similarities. Still, for metal fans who appreciate bands that think outside the box, and for pirate fans that like to hear some metal a bit more authentic to their interests, "Aurum Aetus Piraticus" is an album that is right up their alley. Great album, the only reason why 5 have been taken off the score, is the lack of variation of the vocals, while I do admire the interesting style given to us, it only remains as calm and collected, little to no aggression is given, not even in the songs of battle such as "Pirate Attack" or "Under the Black Flag". Great music, great atmosphere, great music, and very interesting lyrics make this wonder piece of art that is "Aurum Aetus Piraticus". For those with an open mind, or those who are interested in real pirates, then "Aurum Aetus Piraticus" will not disappoint.