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Venom - Welcome to Hell

Evil, Satanic..Just what you'd expect! - 84%

langstondrive, June 12th, 2004

The first album from Venom at first comes off a simply a prelude to the riff machine "Black Metal", but upon closer inspection, "Welcome to Hell" stands alone as a solid speed/heavy metal album. To be fair, the only black metal thing about the album is the lyrics, which are evil and blasphemous, and possibly the album's best song, Witching Hour.

There is a lot of midpaced stuff on here, such as the title track, which sounds strangely like "2 Minutes to Midnight" (well, at least that main riff). However, despite the slower elements, they still proceed to kick the listeners ass with morbid sounding gutteral bass lines and guitar blasts. Cronos had the most evil vocals at the time, producing not quite a growl and not quite a voice, one has to hear it for themselves.

Favourite songs on the album for me include "Sons of Satan", which is a quick paced thrashy number, featuring some surprisingly good solo work. "1000 Days in Sodom" is another classic, with an absolute fucking killer of an opening riff and some pretty damn cool lyrics. Despite the aforementioned songs' greatness, "Witching Hour" takes the cake as not only the best song on here, one of the best Venom songs ever! Beginning with a gutteral bass line, then into a riff that provides plently of satanic imagery. Follow this up with Cronos' growling (ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!) and you have a true classic!

I suggest this album to any fans of Venom and thrash, just don't expect the rawer black metal sounding stuff that you get on the album of the same name.