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Venom - Welcome to Hell

Not for all tastes.... - 90%

cronosmantas, November 8th, 2005

Back in the early 80's, Welcome to Hell was an extremely pivotal album. Lars Ulrich of Metallica even stated this album to be the very first thrash release. I hate to agree with that asshole, but I agree. It is of course still arguable, but there is no doubt that hits album is the stepping stone to thrash and black/death metal alike.

This album of course is the result of three British "musicians" getting together wanting to make the most in-your-face metal ever created (in the early 80's anyway). It's like they wanted to take what Motorhead started and take it not one, but many steps forward! The band took shockingly evil lyrics and mixed it with loud, heavy, and rather sloppy musicianship! I personally love the results but some people sure won't

One reason people may not like this album is because of the major rough production. I personally kind of dig it as it gives the album a unique sound. With Venom's lyrical and image choice, they're actually lucky to get this recorded at all! Most production studies would have frowned on their musical choice so it's a "miracle" that Welcome to Hell was even recorded!

The album kicks off with Sons of Satan, an extremely thrashy track. Right away people new this wasn't your average Motorhead rip-off! These guys were for real! All the songs present on this album have, for lack of a better word, great "groove" to them that is extremely different than the black metal the band would inspire in the future. What surprising is that even with the albums poor production, many of the songs have very sing-along-able courses! Try listening to Live Like an Angel with singing the course along with Cronos. "Live like an angel, die like a devil, got a place in hell reserved for me. Live Like an angel, die like a devil, gonna burn in hell it's where I want to be!" Ouch!!

Some people slat Venom for not having musical talent, but that is harsh. Sure they may not be the best metal musicians in the genre but they deserve MUCH more credit then they get. First of all the production doesn't help in this case. Listen to some of Venom's later releases such as Prime Evil or Resurrection for proof. Mantas is actually quit a good guitarist and Cronos has a likeable voice that fits this time of "in-your-face" metal music perfectly!

If you are a metal fan, then Welcome to Hell needs to be in your collection! If you can get past the rough production, than Welcome to Hell may very well be to your liking (especially if you’re a thrash nut!).