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Venom - Welcome to Hell

The extreme metal roots - 90%

TableofHELL, April 30th, 2007

The birth of all extreme metal comes back to this album. There may have been heavier, better, or cleaner bands around, but all extreme metal comes back to Venom when it comes to thrash, death or black metal. Simply put, they've influenced countless bands over the years, and all of the extreme metal players owe something to Venom, be it Slayer, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Sodom, or Kreator.

This album is an assult on the senses from beginning to end. It starts out with the high speed Motorhead-esque monstrosity of Sons of Satan (just a lot dirtier and faster, not to mention more evil). The sloppy musicianship and the poor production qualities are the first thing that hits you, but they make up with it with pure energy and anarchic attitude. Songs such as Schizo and Angel Dust have very punk tones, while 1000 Days in Sodom is heavier than a bag of bricks. Witching Hour is possibly the first thrash song ever, with its punk drumming, and very metal lyrics about sacrificing virgins to Lord Satan.

This album may have been dismissed upon its release by many, but looking back on it, it is one of the most influential metal albums in the extreme metal universe. Slayer and Sodom owe everything to Venom. And with the release of a new Venom album coming late this year/next year, I can tell they are stronger than ever.