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Venom > Welcome to Hell > Reviews > Estigia666
Venom - Welcome to Hell

Lord Satan is so fucking proud. You bet. - 97%

Estigia666, April 16th, 2003

Let this be an example on how you should make the tribute to everyone's favorite semi-deity: raw, sloppy, crushing and RAW. This album is so fucking great i almost can't find the words to speak about it. This was obviously made by mentally unstable people, criminally insane, whatever you wanna call it. Just imagine three of the craziest guys in british metal going beyond what Priest, Motorhead and Sabbath were doing at the time. Now imagine if the result was beyond what even they would have expected. I don't know if that was exactly the case, all i can tell is that i wouldn't make this shit even if i tried!!

Just check the opening song "Sons of Satan", fast and rocking, is actually so fast you can't sometimes figure out what is happening (maybe in a remastered CD you can get better results. Mine is a copied tape from a tape copied from an old vynil!). The title track is more mispaced, but still effective. "Poison", great chorus, same as "Live like an Angel, Die like a Devil" (kickass opening riff). "Witching Hour", "1000 Days in Sodom", "In League with Satan", all of them fucking classics. "Red Light Fever", fucking hilarious. Venom were always a fun kind of band, as you must know.

I must have missed one or two songs from my previous description, so i'll go right with the highlights. OK, highlights: all of it. Well, all except the one minute instrumental "Mayhem with Mercy" that doesn't appeal to me as much. Is just what it is. As for the rest, man, prepare yourselves for quite a ride. This kicks you right in the face, stomach and genitals all at the same time and equally proportional intensity (quite a big foot if you think about it). Go ahead and buy it, damn it!