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The original Venom is back, although not to last - 90%

MetalLord666, May 3rd, 2018

This mini album is a hidden gem in my opinion. It is the very first studio release after the 1995 reunion of Venom's best known line-up - the "power trio" Cronos-Mantas-Abaddon which left an undisputedly undeletable mark on the whole metal scene. Tons of bands have formed in the wake of Venom's lyrical themes and imagery, but let's face it, the impact they had on music at the time (most likely without immediately knowing it) is unprecedented within heavy metal; I would dare to say that neither Sabbath had caused an "epidemic" of such proportions.

What we have here is an improved recording quality, which is a good thing if you consider that all their successful releases were rather lo-fi. There are five songs on the EP - four re-recorded old hits and a preview of a newly recorded track that would appear one year later in the last full-length produced by this line-up, Cast in Stone.

Whereas the re-recorded In Nomine Satanas and Black Metal keep pretty much the same tempo, 7 Gates of Hell is faster than the original version, and the new Welcome to Hell is instead slightly slower, making this version more "hard". This is my favourite track on the record, and I actually prefer this version to the original. The final line Cronos yells, "Welcome to fucking Hell!", adds even more awesomeness to the song, and makes you realise that he still had it all - and still got it today. From this moment, in almost all of their live shows they have performed this version of the song.

The guitar playing is still fast and altogether rough, as it was in the golden years of Venom, whereas the drums seem to lack that energy which once was a trademark of their style. Nevertheless, if you like Venom as much as I do, I definitely recommend you to check this out; you won't be disappointed.