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Please! Stay dead! - 51%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

This is a very uninspired and forgettable album. Venom have gone from speed metal to very bland half-thrash. For the most part, this is not all that much removed from a Pantera album.

Highlights are few and far between... the first few songs on the album sound just about the same, and it is not until "Black Flame of Satan" that we get a song that manages to do more than just plod along. This is speed metal in the vein of Jugulator, or perhaps newer Exciter. The only really good song on here - it doesn't sound much like old Venom simply because the production doesn't blow ass, but it does harken back to that style.

The same can't really be said for the rest of the stuff, which either never get going, or just plain stop when they do. Stupid tricks like half-thrash riffs ("Leviathan") or dropping the riffs entirely in the verses ("Man Myth and Magic") are here far too often... and even the rest is just plain boring. "Vengeance" resorts to some of their most banal lyrics yet, and "Resurrection", while the vocals are kinda cool, the song is just a turd, riding one decent riff until its legs fall off, and never really counterpointing it.

"Pain" is halfway decent, with its moments of speed metal, but the verses are just so banal and content-free that the rest just can't redeem it. And that stupid little interlude just screams "what the fuck".

It's a really hit-or-miss album that has enough good ideas for maybe two or three songs. The rest is utterly formulaic, and totally devoid of the raw energy that made classic Venom so damn classic in the first place.